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  • The Way to A™ gives students the knowledge and skills they can implement right away to quickly raise their grades, reduce their stress, and gain confidence in school.
  • Finally learn how to learn and how to best navigate the academic environment
  • 27 Easy to Apply Lessons with everything needed to achieve academic success with less time dedicated to study. Work smarter, not harder and achieve A's.


If you can show that you’ve given it your all by following all the advice and suggestions made in the course and didn’t get any results, I promise to refund 100% of your money. Just provide the completed worksheets and we'll verify that you've completed all the assignments in the online classroom. If you are not ready and willing to undertake the activities needed to succeed academically, such as using the approaches in this course that require time and effort, this course might not be appropriate for you.

"Thank you, thank you! I have been able to raise my GPA from 2.5 to 4.0 as a result of Claire’s program. This program works for all kinds of courses and includes great material on motivation, managing stress, how to write papers, studying for quizzes and exams, and so much more! I 100% recommend The Way to A™."


"My teacher gave me an A- in my Intro to Public Communications class! I never thought that grades like this were possible for me. I’m also seeing a drastic improvement in my grades for other courses, thanks to The Way to A™. I highly recommend this course!"


"My final course grade for Food Systems and Public Policy was 91%! Applying the material from the modules of The Way to A™, really helped me to feel more confident in my work and ability to earn such great grades. Thank you!"


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